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The Bigfork Food Bank

Neighbors helping neighbors – The Bigfork Food Bank has served the Bigfork Community since 1983.

Do you need help?

Clients may visit the food bank twice a month. We are open most Tuesdays.

Our awesome volunteer staff!

An amazing team of volunteers runs our facility. Are you interested in helping? Stop by during our office hours or call (406) 837-0360 or (406) 250-4546.

Food Distribution

Both perishable and nonperishable foods are distributed.



Bigfork is the only food bank in the state that provides wood for clients. All wood and labor are donated.

Who supports us?

Local churches take turns providing volunteer assistance to the Bigfork Food Bank.

In operation since 1983, the Bigfork Food Bank distributes both donated and purchased food to more than 190 families in the Bigfork area. As a nonprofit, tax exempt, all volunteer organization, its goal is to provide basic nutritional support to those in need. Families whose average income falls below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines are eligible for food bank assistance. The food bank is supported entirely by community donations; it receives no funding from government agencies or United Way.

Generally, the Bigfork Food Bank is open the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 4PM to 6PM; and the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 9AM to 1PM. The food bank is closed on fifth Tuesdays. Special schedules serve holiday clients in November and December. For details, see the calendar.

The Bigfork Food Bank depends on volunteers and community donations.

There is no funding from state or local governments.

100% Community Funded

The Bigfork Food Bank has no paid staff positions. 100% of all donations go directly to the operations and distribution of food.

44 Tons

The Bigfork Food Bank distributed nearly 44 tons of food to Bigfork area clients in 2017.

190 Households

The Bigfork Food Bank serves approximately 190 families annually.


5000 Hours

Volunteers donate approximately 5000 hours of labor annually.

Donate Now

You can help us continue to assist needy families.  We are now accepting online donations to make giving to your neighbors even easier, or use our handy printable form for sending in checks and money orders. Your donation is tax deductible.

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2 days ago

Bigfork Food Bank

WOWEEWOO!! The Holidays are getting ready to be Happier!!!

Yesterday we received almost 1,500 pounds of canned goods and ramen from WaterStreet Company!

This Generous business has donated food to the Bigfork Food Bank for several years and it certainly is welcome just prior to the holidays. Thank you WaterStreet!!!
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2 weeks ago

Bigfork Food Bank

Ann Tucker wrote:
Today we served 24 families (58 individuals) and distributed 1,402 pounds of food. Thank you LDS Church for working so hard and being so nice!!! Last Tuesday evening we served 20 families (47 individuals) and distributed 1,398 pounds. We have been blessed for the past couple of months with so much produce and our clients have really enjoyed it!

Well, we are getting into October! So that means Thanksgiving is quickly on the horizon! So our needs are as follows:

French fried onions
Gravy (packets or cans)
Canned yams
Instant hot chocolate packets

We have 50 turkeys “nesting” in our freezer, and have ordered 150 from Montana Food Bank Network, which would meet our needs for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will let you know if MFBN doesn’t come through for us and we will go to Plan B.

Our source for donated milk is no longer available, which means we will be spending around $300 per month for milk. We feel that this is a justifiable expense especially for our children and seniors.

On your next visit to the Food Bank, please note that the entry from Hwy 35 has been repaired! We can all thank Craig from SPC Paving next door for this generous donation. SPC has been unbelievably good to the Food Bank! They donated all of the snow plowing every winter and resealed our parking lot. If you need someone for snow plowing or for paving work, please consider SPC! They are wonderful!!!
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2 weeks ago

Bigfork Food Bank

Good news!

AmazonSmile is now available in the Amazon Shopping App to all AmazonSmile customers using supported Android devices. You can use the below copy and instructions to share the news with your supporters!

If you are an AmazonSmile customer, you can now support BIGFORK FOOD BANK in the Amazon shopping app on your Android device!

Simply follow these instructions to turn on AmazonSmile and start generating donations.
1. If you have the latest version of the Amazon Shopping App, open the App on your Android device.
2. View Settings and select AmazonSmile.
3. Follow the in-App instructions to complete the process.
If you do not have the latest version of the Amazon Shopping App, update your App. Click here for instructions.

AmazonSmile is not currently available for iOS users. We will notify AmazonSmile charities when it becomes available.
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4 weeks ago

Bigfork Food Bank

On September 17 we served 22 families (55 individuals) and distributed 1,613 pounds of food. Results for September 10 were 24 families (64 individuals) and distributed 1,783 pounds. Our weight is up because we have been blessed with an abundance of fresh produce—especially squash of all kinds! We have hundreds of pounds of apples and pears, too!

I can’t believe that it may snow this weekend! Yikes! But it will soon be October so we’ve started planning for the holidays.

Many of you know that the West Shore Food Bank does weekend grocery rescue from Rosauer’s and Costco which they share with us and with the food bank in Ronan. In addition to this, we recently have started picking up rescued items directly from Rosauer’s on Friday mornings. It is amazing the quality of food we provide to our clients from these sources.

Our Monday morning crew (some call them our Monday Angels!) goes through these items to make sure they are suitable for distribution on Tuesdays. It is a lot of work but so worth it!!!

We currently need hearty soups, stuffing mix, and cranberry sauce.

God bless you all for what you do……………………..
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1 month ago

Bigfork Food Bank

Ann Tucker said:
Today we served only 25 families (45 individuals) and distributed 1,503 pounds of food. Last Tuesday we served 19 families (46 people) and distributed 1,136 pounds.

I’ve no idea where everyone was today!

We could use hearty soups and sugar, please!
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