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The Bigfork Food Bank

Neighbors helping neighbors – The Bigfork Food Bank has served the Bigfork Community since 1983.

Do you need help?

Clients may visit the food bank twice a month. We are open most Tuesdays.

Our awesome volunteer staff!

An amazing team of volunteers runs our facility. Are you interested in helping? Stop by during our office hours or call (406) 837-0360 or (406) 250-4546.

Food Distribution

Both perishable and nonperishable foods are distributed.



Bigfork is the only food bank in the state that provides wood for clients. All wood and labor are donated.

Who supports us?

Local churches take turns providing volunteer assistance to the Bigfork Food Bank.

In operation since 1983, the Bigfork Food Bank distributes both donated and purchased food to more than 190 families in the Bigfork area. As a nonprofit, tax exempt, all volunteer organization, its goal is to provide basic nutritional support to those in need. Families whose average income falls below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines are eligible for food bank assistance. The food bank is supported entirely by community donations; it receives no funding from government agencies or United Way.

Generally, the Bigfork Food Bank is open the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 4PM to 6PM; and the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 9AM to 1PM. The food bank is closed on fifth Tuesdays. Special schedules serve holiday clients in November and December. For details, see the calendar.

The Bigfork Food Bank depends on volunteers and community donations.

There is no funding from state or local governments.

100% Community Funded

The Bigfork Food Bank has no paid staff positions. 100% of all donations go directly to the operations and distribution of food.

44 Tons

The Bigfork Food Bank distributed nearly 44 tons of food to Bigfork area clients in 2017.

190 Households

The Bigfork Food Bank serves approximately 190 families annually.


5000 Hours

Volunteers donate approximately 5000 hours of labor annually.

Donate Now

You can help us continue to assist needy families.  We are now accepting online donations to make giving to your neighbors even easier, or use our handy printable form for sending in checks and money orders. Your donation is tax deductible.

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2 weeks ago

Bigfork Food Bank

Ann Tucker said:
Today we served only 25 families (45 individuals) and distributed 1,503 pounds of food. Last Tuesday we served 19 families (46 people) and distributed 1,136 pounds.

I’ve no idea where everyone was today!

We could use hearty soups and sugar, please!
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4 weeks ago

Bigfork Food Bank

Ann Tucker wrote:
We were busy on this glorious August day…where has summer gone? August 20, our evening distribution had 21 clients, a total of 56 people who received 1,431 pounds of food. And today, we served 30 families, a total of 65 people and distributed 2,049 pounds of food.

We have been so blessed with fresh fruits and vegetables from our local growers, and we thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your summer bounty with us…I wish you could see the faces of our clients when they have the opportunity to choose from an abundance of fresh foods!

On our needs list, we could use:
hearty soups,
peanut butter and
any flavor Top Ramen noodles.

Special thanks to all of you who so generously give of your time to support us…we couldn’t do what we do without you!
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1 month ago

Bigfork Food Bank

Ann Tucker wrote:
I hope all of you fared well through the storm! The Food Bank has a tree down and of course had no power for about 15 hours. We just didn’t open the freezers, coolers, or refrigerators and everything seems just fine! Sure makes me appreciate electricity!

Last Tuesday we had 21 families (60 individuals) and distributed 1,462 pounds of food. Yesterday we had 28 families (82 individuals) and distributed 2,235 pounds! We have been blessed with beautiful squash, cherries, green beans, lettuce and other fantastic produce!

Some of you may have noticed our “new” parking lot! Craig of SPC Paving next door surprised us a couple of weeks ago with a beautiful new sealing! When you see Craig, please thank him!!!

Have a safe and blessed summer!

P.S. We need Top Ramen and Chili
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2 months ago

Bigfork Food Bank

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2 months ago

Bigfork Food Bank

Ann Tucker said: Today we had 27 families (46 individuals) and distributed 1,469 pounds. Last Tuesday night we served 29 families (52 people) and distributed 1,363 pounds.

We could still use canned chili!! And we're completely out of soups other than chicken noodle.

As always, Thanks! Happy Summer!
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