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The Bigfork Food Bank

Neighbors helping neighbors – The Bigfork Food Bank has served the Bigfork Community since 1983.

Do you need help?

Clients may visit the food bank twice a month. We are open most Tuesdays.

Our awesome volunteer staff!

An amazing team of volunteers runs our facility. Are you interested in helping? Stop by during our office hours or call (406) 837-0360 or (406) 250-4546.

Food Distribution

Both perishable and nonperishable foods are distributed.



Bigfork is the only food bank in the state that provides wood for clients. All wood and labor are donated.

Who supports us?

Local churches take turns providing volunteer assistance to the Bigfork Food Bank.

In operation since 1983, the Bigfork Food Bank distributes both donated and purchased food to more than 190 families in the Bigfork area. As a nonprofit, tax exempt, all volunteer organization, its goal is to provide basic nutritional support to those in need. Families whose average income falls below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines are eligible for food bank assistance. The food bank is supported entirely by community donations; it receives no funding from government agencies or United Way.

Generally, the Bigfork Food Bank is open the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 4PM to 6PM; and the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 9AM to 1PM. The food bank is closed on fifth Tuesdays. Special schedules serve holiday clients in November and December. For details, see the calendar.

The Bigfork Food Bank depends on volunteers and community donations.

There is no funding from state or local governments.

100% Community Funded

The Bigfork Food Bank has no paid staff positions. 100% of all donations go directly to the operations and distribution of food.

44 Tons

The Bigfork Food Bank distributed nearly 44 tons of food to Bigfork area clients in 2017.

190 Households

The Bigfork Food Bank serves approximately 190 families annually.


5000 Hours

Volunteers donate approximately 5000 hours of labor annually.

Donate Now

You can help us continue to assist needy families.  We are now accepting online donations to make giving to your neighbors even easier, or use our handy printable form for sending in checks and money orders. Your donation is tax deductible.

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2 weeks ago

Bigfork Food Bank

For the 4th year in a row, Tim and Sherry Calaway of Calaway Construction and Glacier Wholesalers donated 700 lbs of food to the Bigfork Food Bank. Do we have the most generous businesses in the area, or what!!! Mr. and Mrs. Calaway, we can't thank you enough... ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

Bigfork Food Bank

Through community support the Bigfork Food Bank has new doors. Pictured here are Ann Tucker, director, Gloria Angst sponsor of “Flamingo Bingo,” (fund raiser for the doors), Melissa Russell of Aeneas Enterprises who donated labor for installation of doors, and Glen Dutton and Andrew Sliter of Sliters who donated half the cost of the doors. ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

Bigfork Food Bank

Last minute shopping yet to be done.
See below. You can shop and donate to the Bigfork Food Bank all at the same time!
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2 months ago

Bigfork Food Bank

The Pocketstone Café in Bigfork hosted its Eighth Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner this year, serving over 200 guests and volunteers. Although the meal was free, voluntary contributions were accepted for the Bigfork Food Bank. Guests generously donated $2,500.

Ann Tucker accepted the donations on behalf of the Bigfork Food Bank. “We look forward every year to these donations from the participants of the Pocketstone Thanksgiving Dinner,” said Tucker. “And we use them to ensure that many families in need have food to eat for Christmas.”

Carolyn and David Vale own the Pocketstone, which sponsored this meal. David acknowledged the help of the volunteers. “The event, as is always the case, was staffed by volunteers. Some of them have helped with our Thanksgiving dinners right from the beginning and some joined our team for the first time this year. As always, we truly appreciate their efforts.”

The Pocketstone Café is located at 444 Electric Avenue in Bigfork Village and is open from 6 a.m. until 3 p.m. every day (except Thanksgiving and Christmas). The Bigfork Food Bank is located at 7535 Hwy 35 in Bigfork and is open every Tuesday. See www.bigforkfoodbank.org for times.

Pictured is Pocketstone business manager Michele Shapero presenting donation checks to Ann Tucker as David and Carolyn Vale look on.
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2 months ago

Bigfork Food Bank

I’m sure most of you have noticed our wonderful new doors at the donation entrance! They are so much more substantial than our old doors and open, close and lock much easier, too! We all need to thank the members of our community who provided them for us:

Gloria Angst, Diana Ritter and others organized “Flamingo Bingo” back in the early fall which raised the money we needed to purchase the doors.

Sliters ordered and delivered the doors. In addition, Sliters also donated half the price of the doors!

Aeneas Enterprises, owned by Matthew Russell, provided the labor to get the doors installed.

Thank these people when you see them and think about them whenever you open the doors!
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