About Us

Our Board of Directors — Thank You!

The members of the Board of Directors of the Bigfork Food Bank give generously to their time, talents, and expertise. They help generate community support, oversee fiscal responsibility, monitor food bank operations, solve problems, and assure quality control in all functions. Much gratitude goes to:

      • Mark Armstrong
      • Donna Lawson
      • Dan Purcell
      • Randy Snyder
      • Ann Tucker
      • Sue Stuber

Our Facility

The Bigfork Food Bank opened in 1983, as a small food pantry, serving 12 families from the old Romain Building which is no longer standing. The new, purpose-built facility, opened in 2015, is the food bank’s fourth home, and host to a variety of community services and activities. The facility includes a walk-in freezer, chest freezers, coolers, ample storage space for staple foods, and a welcoming reception area. The food bank owns a small van that is used to transport purchased and donated food. Paid for entirely by the community and currently debt-free, the operation meets or exceeds all Flathead County Health Department standards, with an A+ rating in our most recent survey.

Reception Area

Food Storage Area

Donations Receiving Area

Coolers for Perishables

Free Standing Freezers

Walk-in Freezer

Roll-on Scale